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Bhio Supply Indústria e Comércio de Equipamentos Médicos Ltda. was established in 1993 for the production of oxygen therapy equipment and accessories. In May 2006, the company underwent shareholder restructuring and adopted the name BHIO SUPPLY.

The modern business vision and constant investments lead to the implementation of an extensive production line of medical and hospital instruments and equipment, housed at the new industrial plant in Esteio, in the Greater Porto Alegre region. The industrial plant boasts engineers, designers and technical teams specialized in high-tech tools for the production of state-of-the-art surgical devices.

Continued development is also supported by a number of technology transfer agreements with international companies.

Through its Technical and Commercial Coordination Offices, Bhio Supply caters to Brazil as a whole with a team of over 50 representatives.

Some Numbers

  • In the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property)
  • In 2014 8 new patent
  • Total of 45 patent
  • At Anvisa
  •   44 product
  • Over 7,000 registered
  • In 2014 134 new products
  • In 2014 126 models reevaluated

Innovation results from constant research and development. This strategic value has been at the core of Bhio Supply since the very beginning. The company believes in applied innovation, allowing it to attain its market objectives. Through a dedicated unit, BhioPDI, the open innovation process is exercised with resources from the triple helix concept.

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Awards Recognition recently earned by Bhio Supply.

  • 2012

    ALCOA Innovation Award

    (CENTRYPORT Project)
  • 2013

    National Innovation Award


    Coaching PoliDESIGN Milano + ITA (DPI)

    (“DELINEADOR” Project)

    FAPERGS Rio Grande do Sul Researcher/Company Award

    Engineer Paulo Ferreira MSc

    Champions of Innovation AMANHÃ Magazine

    (Edusys, Fund. Dom Cabral)
  • 2014

    Champions of Innovation AMANHÃ Magazine

    (Edusys, Fund. Dom Cabral)

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