Usual selection of instruments/devices for this surgical procedure, permitting investment optimization.

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0A1AYE2 5cm CentryPort, 20mm with Tap Valve 1
0A0012R 5mm Metzenbaum Curved Scissors, 42cm PPS Standard Handle with Electrocautery 1
0A4AB2Q 5 mm Fenestrated Curved Atraumatic Grasper Forceps, 42cm Standard PPS Multifunctional Handle 1
0A4432Q 5 mm Fenestrated Special Grasper Forceps for Gallbladder, 42cm Standard PPS Multifunctional Handle 1
0A5382R 5 mm Maryland Dissection Forceps, 42cm Standard PPS Handle with Electrocautery 1
0A81620 Electrode with Straight Angle Permatip Hook, 5mm, 42cm 1

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