Bhio Pdi

The quest for innovation, constant enhancement and improvement of productive process are the pillars through which Bhio Supply maintains competitiveness in the current globalized market.

Since the creation of the company, inserted in the sophisticated segment of videosurgery instruments, it has been guided by a strategic vision based on RD&I - research , development and innovation.

Bhio Pdi Technological Research & Development

Interaction with renowned surgeons and a deep understanding of the needs of surgical specialties has led to the implementation of a new RD&I philosophy. A dedicated center was created, called BhioPDI, adopting an open innovation method coupled with the Triple Helix concept, thereby consolidating the BhioPDI Applied Innovation System.
The possibility of resources from official and private innovation incentive programs has allowed for a more intense focus on the development of new projects. Partnerships with a number of science and technology institutes at universities and health institutions, surgical clinics and medical professionals, reinforce our precision and refinement when creating a final product.


An innovative attitude permeates the company's entire body of staff.
BhioPDI, a dedicated unit, is the catalyzer of this spirit. Engineers, specialized technicians, planners and designers process internal and third party contributions, materializing the company's progressive innovation.
There are three pillars that sustain this attitude: the "Triple Helix", "Open innovation" and "Applied Innovation".

Triple Helix

Integration of objectives and resources (human and economic) from three entities: Company + Academia + Government

Open Innovation

The innovative process is not limited to the company; experience and cooperation is sought from other agents and sources in the market.

Applied Innovation

A focus on the process so that the innovative result meets specific market requirements and needs.


  • CentryPort

    Instruments in an aluminum alloy, for permanent use, for single port videosurgery. The project relied on the participation of surgeons Dr. Leandro Totti Cavazolla and Dr. José Gustavo Olijnyk.

  • Multifunctional Trocars

    Permanent use trocar and sheath. Medical grade transparent silicone balloon, autoclavable. Kit permits five different surgical procedures. Dr. Miguel Nácul, Dr. Leandro Totti Cavazolla and Dr. Marcelo Loureiro provided consultancy for the project.

  • TBC Rigid Tracheal Bronchoscopy

    Complete kit of interchangeable cannulas permits bronchoscopy, tracheoscopy, esophagoscopy and laryngoscopy procedures. Developed based on the concept of Professor Dr. Luiz Felipe Judice, from UFF, along with the HCPA's Multicentric Study, which encompasses 8 university hospitals and is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Amarílio Vieira de Macedo Neto the project resulted in a modern surgical device.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Platform

    Developed in conjunction with the Jacques Perissat Institute, the platform offers all the necessary resources to improve videosurgery performance through simulated exercises. The system features a camera and video system, internal lighting and complete portability.

  • The Taiap Guide Kit

    The Taiap Guide Kit in anodized aluminum with transversal grooves is accompanies by forceps with a specific design for the active part for aponeurotic closure. It reduces the occurrence of incisional hernia, allowing for an even better aesthetic result.

  • BhioTEP

    The Radioactive Aerosol Nebulizer System was developed through a partnership with Grupo RPH and Wirklich. The system is an aerosol generator that uses a disposable cartridge protected by a shielded container, for a range of lung scintigraphy procedures.

  • Female Genital Liner

    Multifunctional device for four gynecological procedures, the project was led by Gynecologist Dr. Francisco Pölking and was accompanied by specialist from the PoliDESIGN school of Milan.

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